$0 Copay Virtual Visit Now Available For Oxford Members That Have Not Yet Received the Oxford Enhancements

UnitedHealthcare has just advised that effective immediately and through 6/18/20 they have implemented a solution through Amwell for Oxford members that do not currently have this benefit to receive a $0 copay Virtual Visit through Amwell.

This includes the following groups:

  1. Oxford NY Small Group (1-100)
  2. Oxford NJ Small Group (1-50)
  3. Oxford NY Large Groups that have not yet renewed in 2020
  4. Oxford NJ Large Groups that have not yet renewed in 2020

The member will use a coupon code on the Amwell site or the Amwell Mobile App to access the $0 copay Virtual Visit. Here is how the member will get their coupon code:

1. Go to oxfordhealth.com and click on Members/Prospective Members, then sign in with their HealthSafe ID. If they do not already have a HealthSafe ID they can create one by clicking on Register for a HealthSafe ID.

2. Once logged in the member will see a COVID-19 Update Box and they will click on Stay Informed which will bring them to the uhc.com COVID-19 home page.

3. On the COVID-19 home page the member will click on to schedule a virtual doctor visit and they will be brought to the Amwell.com website. 

4. They will click on To help ensure no charges, refer to these instructions and the pdf below on how to schedule a virtual visit will open.

Virtual Visits through Amwell PDF