Vitality Wellness Solution

Vitality is a comprehensive wellness program for employers with 50 or more employees that educates, assists, and motivates individuals to engage in healthier lifestyles. 

Vitality’s data-driven approach to changing behavior is based on an actuarial science model with proven results in achieving meaningful and measurable health improvement.

A successful health and wellness program is a great way to reduce chronic health risks for employees and limit healthcare costs for companies. Vitality will align with your clients’ interests so that they can bring successful, lasting change.

Vitality Challenges A wide selection of points-earning verified wellness activities along with tracking capabilities make challenges an ideal way to drive engagement.

Vitality Points & Status Drawing on the principle of behavioral economics, Vitality Points help eliminate unhealthy behavior by offering immediate rewards for making healthy choices. Points earned are instantly converted to Vitality Bucks that can be spent on rewards in the Vitality Mall.

Active Rewards with Apple Watch The most innovative rewards program to date, Active Rewards with Apple Watch combines wearable technology with rich data and behavioral insights to inspire real, ongoing change which motivates and rewards members to get active.

Vitality Rewards Vitality offers a variety of compelling rewards, some of which can be claimed immediately, and others can be aligned with long-term health and financial outcomes.

With more than 20 years of experience helping more than 20 million members in 27 markets worldwide, Vitality knows what healthy takes.


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