Last Update 8/29/19. Dates subject to change.
Please note the dates below are the carrier dates.
Please submit to PGP at least 1 day prior.
Yellow Highlight Indicates Extended Deadline.
11/15 – 12/15 – Federal Open Enrollment (All Carriers) – No exceptions.

Submission Deadlines

Aetna - NY8/24/199/10/199/24/1910/10/1910/24/1911/10/1911/24/19
Aetna AFA-NJ
AmeriHealth - NJ9/12/199/27/1910/11/1910/30/1911/13/1911/27/1912/12/19
EmblemHealth - NYN/A9/30/19N/A10/301N/A11/27/19N/A
*EmblemHealth Submission Deadline is 26th of the month prior to the effective date but can be submitted up until the last business day of the month with a Late Submission Form.
Empire BCBS - NY ONLINE SUBMISSION9/6/199/23/1910/8/1910/23/1911/8/1911/22/1912/6/19
Empire BCBS - NY PAPER SUBMISSIONN/A9/10/19N/A10/10/19N/A11/10/19N/A
Healthfirst - NYN/A9/27/19N/A10/25/19N/A11/27/19N/A
HealthPass - NYN/APrior to Effective DateN/APrior to Effective DateN/APrior to Effective DateN/A
Horizon BCBS - NJ9/20/1910/8/1910/22/1911/8/1911/22/1912/6/1912/20/19
Horizon BCBS - NJ Conversion Deadlines9/9/199/24/1910/8/1910/25/1911/8/1911/21/1912/9/19
Oscar - NY9/13/1910/1/1910/15/1911/1/1911/15/1911/27/1912/13/19
Oscar - NJ9/13/1910/1/1910/15/1911/1/1911/15/1911/27/1912/13/19
Oxford - NY9/12/199/27/1910/11/1910/30/1911/13/1911/27/1912/12/19
Oxford - NY *4+ Plans & Paper submissions*N/A9/13/19N/A10/15/19N/A11/15/19N/A
Oxford - NJ9/12/199/27/1910/11/1910/30/1911/13/1911/27/1912/12/19
Qualcare- NJN/A9/13/19N/A10/15/19N/A11/15/19N/A

Above dates are subject to change. Please contact your PGP representative for confirmation.