Rippling Employee Management Platform

Each employee change, changes everything


With Rippling, when something changes with an employee, that change cascades to all your systems. Rippling is one modern system for managing payroll, benefits, computers, apps, and more. It automates the manual work you normally do to make employee changes—from onboarding to offboarding.

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Eliminate the busy work caused by employee change

Rippling unifies all your employee systems, by connecting them to a single system of record for employee data. It’s one platform, for all your
employee data and operations.

  • Onboarding – Rippling automatically sets up new hires in all your systems.
  • Employee Changes – Rippling automatically keeps employee data up-to date across all your systems.
  • Offboarding – Rippling automatically disables departing employees systems.



  • Payroll – Pay employees and contractors from anywhere. Automatically file your taxes.
  • Benefits – Medical, dental, vision, 401k, and more. All in one place, and integrated with payroll.
  • Devices & Security – Buy, configure, and manage all your people’s devices, from laptops to monitors.
  • Apps & Access – Set up employees in 500+ apps—from Slack to Salesforce— and control their access.

How does Rippling work?

When someone gets hired. they’re…

  • Added to next pay run, salary pro-rated
  • Enrolled in all benefits
  • Ordered encrypted, configured computer
  • Imported from Lever
  • Background checked
  • Given accounts for Gmail, Salesforce, etc.
  • Added to Slack channels & groups
  • Added to Guideline 401K
  • Ordered swag in SwagUp

When someone gets promoted, they’re…

  • Updated in next pay run
  • Issued a Brex corporate card, with pre-set limit
  • Updated in org chart
  • Added to the #Managers channel in Slack

When someone leaves, they’re…

  • Removed from payroll
  • Sent COBRA documentation
  • Removed from all apps
  • Unenrolled in benefits
  • Wiped from their computer, with the device reassigned

Rippling automatically does the 100 little things that IT, HR, Facilities, Legal & Finance have to do when joining, working at, or leaving a company.

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