ReviveHealth Pharmacy Savings Program

ReviveHealth Pharmacy Cost Savings Program 

ReviveHealth’s Pharmacy Cost Savings Program provides members with easy, affordable access to everyday medications at $0 Cost. The program is administered by Revive’s wholly-owned Pharmacy Benefit Administrator, ManifestRx. It can be offered alongside major medical plans, or standalone. 

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Note: The program is not considered credible coverage and is considered a complement to, not a replacement, of any traditional PBM offering.

ReviveHealth’s Pharmacy Cost Savings Program Highlights

  • Over 425 of the most commonly prescribe generic medications, $0 cost
  • 90-day supply with free home delivery
  • 40 of the most commonly prescribed urgent care medications, $0 cost at the local pharmacy
  • Transferring prescriptions is easy
  • Discount card – up to 80% savings on medications not included at $0 cost
  • Members can call and speak with a pharmacist if they have questions about their medications.
  • No deductible, immediate access to $0 cost medications
  • Can be offered alongside major medical plans, or stand-alone
  • Administered by Revive’s wholly owned Pharmacy Benefit Administrator, Mainifest Rx

Revive Pharmacy Cost Savings Program Employer Sponsored Cost

Note: This is an employer sponsored program (not voluntary)

  • Employee: $7 per subscriber per month
  • Employee + 1: $11 per subscriber per month
  • Employee + Family: $15 per subscriber per month

Medicare Enrollee Option

  • This program can also be offered to Individual Medicare Enrollees at $10 per individual per month

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