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Redirect Health is an innovative healthcare company that has developed a suite of affordable healthcare alternatives for all sized employers with populations of lower wage earners.

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The current healthcare system doesn’t work for everyone. If your clients can relate then Redirect Health might be the fit you are looking for. Redirect Health’s EverydayCARE is a great alternative for clients interested in boosting participation in low wage industries like construction, hospitality, home healthcare, franchises, food service, hotels, manufacturing, transportation and more. 

  • Write 2+ lives in 50 states
  • No participation requirements
  • No contribution requirements 
  • No underwriting, guaranteed issue
  • Unlimited routine care (primary care, pain and first aid, chiropractic) $0 copay/No-deductible
  • Any doctor, anywhere (no network restrictions) 
  • 24/7 Care logistics including In-house telehealth, patient advocacy, navigation, proactive chronic disease management
  • ACA Compliant – minimum essential coverage



Redirect Health Broker Program

Watch this video about Redirect Health’s Broker Program to learn more about this solution.



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