PTO Exchange — Flexible Benefits Platform

Do More with PTO: Provide Choice and Assist Employees in Need

PTO Exchange is a flexible benefits platform that unlocks unused vacation hours that employees can spend on individual needs and priorities. With leave-sharing more relevant than ever, this gives you an enticing benefit to build community while uniquely serving every employee in the organization. And it all works with the systems you have in place today.


Employees Exchange Unused Vacation Time For:

  • Financial Wellness
    • Deposit in 401k
    • Fund HSA
    • Student loan/tuition Reimbursement
    • Cash-out/Emergency Cash
  • Social Wellbeing
    • Donate to non profits
    • Administer Matching Program
    • Share PTO with Colleagues
  • Travel
    • Hotels
    • Other travel-related expenses via Priceline

Benefits from Using
PTO Exchange

  • Differentiating, employee-friendly benefits reinforcing a company as a “great place to work”
  • Sets an organization apart for recruiting and retention to win the war for talent
  • Provides flexibility for increasingly multigenerational employee base
  • Drives down bloated PTO liabilities
  • Quick implementation with leading payroll systems
  • Usage-based pricing with no incremental increase to HR spend 

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