OTM Training — Fitness Made Convenient

Prioritizing Well-Being and Health

OTM Training provides an affordable, yet robust, Health and Wellness App that is easily accessible to employees and keeps them engaged and moving. Healthy and motivated employees lead to lower healthcare costs for employers.

PGP Brokers have access to exclusive reduced pricing.

The OTM Training App Features:

  • Access to a library with over 500+ videos for all wellness needs catered to all levels, with new content added bi-weekly.
  • Access to 12 scheduled live classes per month that can be done in the workplace or at home.
  • Quarterly Health Assessments for employees.


The Benefits of Choosing OTM

  • Fixed cost, not charged by usage.
  • Company portal to keep track of employees’ progress.
  • Monthly challenges that can be customized by the employer in the App so employees can compete with each other.
  • A unique incentive program designed to help motivate and build a great sense of community within the work environment as well as decrease healthcare costs.

OTM Training is a Win for Both Employers & Employees.

  • 61% of employees enrolled in their company’s wellness program have reported a healthier lifestyle change.
  • Increase productivity in the workplace! Boost work performance by 15% and lower absenteeism by 27%.

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