myStrength — A Full-spectrum, Stepped Care Approach to Mental Health Support

Leveraging the best of digital and virtual care offerings

More than half of today’s workforce struggles with mental health issues. Yet the majority of them—especially those living with subclinical stress-driven symptoms and clinical diagnoses like depression—aren’t getting the help they need due to access, cost, and engagement barriers.

Providing the people you serve with accessible, credible mental health support at a wide range of acuity levels is critical to their overall health and wellbeing, as well as to the health of your business.

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The myStrength Complete solution addresses these barriers and provides continuity of care as people move between digital and clinical services.

  • Address the entire spectrum of care at all acuity levels
  • Personalize the experience to drive engagement and symptom reduction
  • Extend access to care with self-guided, evidence-based programs

The combination of breadth and depth makes it appropriate and cost-effective for a wide population.



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