When it comes to a General Agent, what differentiates us from the competition is the unparalleled level of support and services we provide for you and your clients. Serving over 90,000 employer groups, with well over 600,000 covered lives and billing more than 2.8 billion in annual premium sales, we understand the many nuances of successfully servicing both large and small group clientele.

Our extensive line of services, in conjunction with our team of experienced professionals, allows our broker partners to effectively support the needs of their existing client base and focus on generating new business.

Large Group Services

  • Vendor due diligence, spread sheeting, underwriting, final presentations and binders
  • Reporting and analysis, industry benchmarking, and strategic and annual planning
  • Renewal management using our large renewal blocks to leverage most desirable outcomes
  • Claim and service issue management
  • Access to the most cutting-edge HR virtual library

Small Group Services

  • Exclusive access to PEO’s through PGP partnerships
  • New business, renewal, enrollment, term and change processing
  • Enrollment and education meetings
  • Training and support for broker partner staff
  • Enrollment, term and change processing
  • Claims advocacy and dispute resolution
  • Billing reconciliation

Compliance Support Services

  • Full spectrum of ERISA services
  • Healthcare reform consulting and strategic planning

Marketing Support Services

  • Tailored employee communications and enrollment kits
  • Customized pieces to meet your unique needs

Self-Funding Solutions

  • If our traditional insurance programs don’t meet your clients cost expectations another option is self-funding. Under this model the employer pays for claims out-of-pocket as they are presented instead of paying a pre-determined premium to an insurance carrier for a fully insured plan.
  • If you are interested in learning more about self-funding contact us today »