Smart Virtual Care with Integrated Rx Savings Program

$0 PEPM, $0 Setup Fees, $0 Employer Costs, No Participation Requirements

$25 virtual care visits plus integrated discount RX program

  • Broker Commissionable
  • $0 pepm + $25 consult fee = no financial risk
  • Eliminate unnecessary ER and Urgent Care visits
  • Diagnosis and treatment in an average of 7 minutes
  • Provide mental health tools employees need for everyday challenges

Click here for the Clever Health Flyer. 

Integrated Rx Savings


  • Proprietary pricing engine generates lowest prices at the closest locations
  • Savings on over 55,000 fda-approved medications, 40% of which cost $10 or less
  • Accepted at over 80,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • Saves up to 80% on rx medications
  • Pricing beats the average insurance plan 80% of the time
  • Medication therapy management reduces medication risks


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