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What you need to know about Paid Family Leave (PFL)

What is PFL and how does it relate to DBL?

Starting in January 2018, Paid Family Leave (PFL) will take effect for New Yorkers. Generally, employees at private sector organizations with at least one employee (who currently have NY statutory disability insurance, commonly referred to as DBL) will be required to receive PFL coverage.  PFL coverage allows employees to take paid time off for certain qualifying events while their job and health insurance are protected. PFL will be a mandatory rider added to the DBL policy.

Full-time employees must be employed at least 26 weeks at their current employer to qualify for PFL. Part-timers must be employed at least 175 consecutive days at their current employer to qualify. DBL and PFL benefits may not be collected at the same time. Combined, they must stay within the 26-week benefit maximum during any 52 consecutive calendar weeks.

Employees will receive payments as shown in the schedule below:

    Maximum Benefit Amount**
Benefit Stage
Effective Date:
Maximum Length
of Paid Leave:
Payable % of Employee’s Average Weekly Salary To the Maximum % of NY Average Weekly Wage $ Max based on 2016 NY AWW of $1,305.92**
1/01/2018 8 weeks 50% 50% $653
1/01/2019 10 weeks 55% 55% $718
1/01/2020 10 weeks 60% 60% $784
1/01/2021 12 weeks 67% 67% $875

This chart applies to full-time employees and those part-time employees who take leave in weekly increments. If part-timers take PFL in daily increments their benefits are pro-rated proportionately based on hours worked. ***Indvidual business owners (who don’t have employees) and self-employed people with voluntary coverage will be subject to a different Benefit Schedule.

There are 3 main categories of qualifying events for which employees can take paid leave:

  • To provide care for a family member with a severe health condition
  • To bond with a child after birth, adoption, or to welcome a child into foster care
  • To cope with a military exigency leave event

Premium Information: Single Tier as a Percent of Salary

Employees pay for PFL through payroll deduction, but employers may choose to share the responsibility for the paymentof PFL premiums. There is no fixed rate as it is based on the employee’s salary. The weekly contribution rate for Paid Family Leave is 0.126% of the employee’s weekly wage (capped at New York State’s current average weekly wage of $1,305.92). This translates into a maximum contribution of $1.65 per week per employee in 2018, regardless of gender, age, or other factors.

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