Ease - Online Benefits Technology

Ease is a broker and GA-centric solution.

Ease is an easy but powerful way to provide a total solution for today’s market that competes with ‘Technology Brokers’, payroll vendors, PEOs and others.

Ease + PGP provides brokers of any size with the ability to provide a modern suite of employer services to any sized employer.

Why Should You Enroll With Ease?

  • Reduce time and costs of paper administration
  • Quick setup
  • Download completed, accurate enrollment
  • Real time reports and enrollment dashboards
  • Access to a marketplace of services to grow revenue
  • Carrier integrations to eliminate enrollment forms and speed up approvals

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Why Should Your Groups Enroll With Ease?


  • Better understand their benefits
  • No more confusing forms
  • Access to helpful resources like provider search and SBCs
  • 24/7 access to benefit information

HR Admins

  • Easier and more secure than paper
  • Real-time enroll progress visibility
  • Offer employees a central location for HR
  • Integrations with Payroll and other services

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