Senate Republicans release new Obamacare repeal bill

POLITICO By Burgess Everett, Jennifer Haberkorn & Sarah Karlin-Smith July 13, 2017 Senate Republicans released a new draft of their bill to repeal Obamacare Thursday, which tentatively includes a controversial amendment from Ted Cruz. The change is aimed at building enough GOP support to open debate on the bill next week, but it’s not clear… Read More

Republicans can’t stop feuding over Obamacare

GOP divisions are raising doubts that the party can meet an early-April deadline to pass legislation. POLITICO By Burgess Everett and Rachael Bade 03/14/17 The scathing nonpartisan analysis of Republicans’ Obamacare repeal plan is hardening GOP divisions and raising doubts about whether the party in Congress can meet a self-imposed deadline to pass legislation by… Read More

Republicans aim to start Obamacare repeal in January

POLITICO By Jennifer Haberkorn 11/16/16 07:30 PM EST Republicans on Capitol Hill are growing confident that they can begin to repeal Obamacare once President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in, along with a pledge to replace it later. “We have an Obamacare emergency right now,” said Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the chairman of the Senate HELP… Read More

Change to small employer definition hurting some businesses

POLITICO By Dan Goldberg 10/11/16 05:28 AM EDT Larry Lee is executive director at the New York Asian Women’s Center, a Manhattan-based nonprofit that helps women overcome domestic violence. In 2015, it cost $508,748 to provide health insurance to his employees. In 2016, however, his health insurance cost jumped nearly 24 percent to $629,763, an… Read More

Obamacare’s sinking safety net

As millions get covered, a POLITICO investigation finds that dozens of the insurers that the health care law depends on are losing money and even abandoning the system. Can it be fixed? POLITICO By Paul Demko 07/13/16 04:57 AM EDT If you’re looking to find a smashing Obamacare success story—a place where the nation’s biggest… Read More

Why single payer died in Vermont

POLITICO BY SARAH WHEATON December 20, 2014 Vermont was supposed to be the beacon for a single-payer health care system in America. But now its plans are in ruins, and its onetime champion Gov. Peter Shumlin may have set back the cause. Advocates of a “Medicare for allâ€? approach were largely sidelined during the national… Read More